Streaming To The Comfort Of Your Own Home ON OCTOBER 15, 16, 17

 Advanced Natural Solutions For Complex Diseases

3-Day Virtual Event for 
Natural Health Practitioners
Do you have patients with complex diseases and you'd like to find different approaches  to manage them?

Let's face it health issues are becoming more and more complex...

Practitioners are being called upon to solve more and more difficult cases...

 Overwhelmed, over medicated, so many moving's not an easy task.

Patients are looking for help and they can't find it...more and more people are turning to alternative medicine but have complex health issues that you don't learn about in text books, it comes from clinical practice, trial and error.

It's time to access the collective minds of experts in their respective fields that are solving complex health issues everyday and learn what is working "outside the box"!

We must remember why we got into natural healing in the first place.

 Our dreams of making a bigger impact and showing what true healing is.

It's time to be seen as a go-to healer all while standing out in the crowd.

Things aren't going to get better anytime soon, so it's time to arm yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to get your patients the results they want!

Starts October 15th 2021

A must attend for CHiropractors, Naturopaths, functional Medicine Practitioners, nurses, DO's...any natural health practitioner that is ready to make a bigger impact in your community! 
We start soon:
Ready To Learn More About...
  • Sibo
  • Cancer
  • ​Crohn's & Colitis
  • Infertility
  • ​Metabolic Conditions
  • Immune Therapy
  • Breast Implant Illness
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Advanced healing with technology
  • Fibromyalgia
  • ​Stem Cell Therapy
  • ​Brain Injuries & Gut Brain Axis
  • ​Lyme Disease.....

Access trainings and protocols for these and more...

Have you ever wondered how other practitioners get results for patients? 
Ready to learn from top experts and take a look behind the scenes at how they manage complex cases?

Ever asked yourself what other options could help this patient? 

Wondered why traditional conferences give a ton of theory but not practical application that you can take and easily implement for your own practice?

We are doing things differently!
We want to provide you with access to clinical experts in their field and access case studies of successes they have, access other options for care for the patients that really need your help and easy to use protocols!

Join us for practical effective management of our toughest conditions so you can have more tools in your tool box to be able to manage these effectively in practice.

This conference is all about sharing clinical pearls, busting myths, helping you get unstuck on challenging cases. We need to be thinking outside the box now more than ever before. We are being called upon daily to treat tougher and tougher cases and if we can facilitate sharing of ideas, cases,  and successes...we can start elevating our profession in different ways.

Go deeper, think bigger, learn other ways to evaluate a disease process and treat! 


  • What? Join hundreds of like-minded medical professionals for our 3-Day VIRTUAL Conference guaranteed to help you make shifts in your practice and your patient's lives and provide you with the resources you need to easily implement into your practice!
  • When? October 15, 16, & 17, 2021 
  • ​Where? This virtual event will be streamed to the comfort of your own home! If you miss any talks you will have full access to go back and watch them anytime after the event for 1 year.
  • Why? Most conferences miss the mark on actionable practical takeaways you can go back to clinic and implement...this one is different! We are excited to help change the way we learn...easy implementation is key!
DAY 1: 
Philosophy of Chronic Diseases
 Key insights to prevent relapse of small intestine bacterial overgrowth
Understanding Organic Acid Testing and Solutions for complex conditions
Fibromyalgia, the Psychosomatic Patient & Medical Mysteries
How Light, Sound and Vibration improve Brain Health
How Stem Cell Therapy Transform Your Patients' Lives
Healing Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis Naturally
Advanced iV Therapy for complex conditions
Sleep Disorders: Case Studies & Management
DAY 2: 
Fasting for Chronic Disease
Breakthrough Fertility
Brain Injury and 
the Gut-Brain Axis
mind body reboot- Getting better outcomes by diving deeper
Virtual Retreats for Advanced Healing
Using TCM/Acupuncture for complex conditions
Mistletoe Therapy for Immune Optimization
Understanding Functional Stool testing for Advanced Clinical Outcomes
How to be a better doctor-
a patient's perspective
A Functional Medicine Approach To Mental Health
DAY 3: 
Taming the perfect storm of cancer
Lyme Disease- From A-Z
Burning Fat is Our Birthright 
Kill, Bind, Sweat- Effective Treatments for Mold
Genetic Influences in Metabolomics and Cannabis Response
Healing from Chronic Illness
Breast Implant Illness and Prevention
Key Aspects in Improving Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Health in Patients
Best Practices for Cellular Detox

Is the Breakthrough medicine Conference for you?

This event is for Practitioners:

  • ​ in clinical practice MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, NPs, PAs, FMDs, FDN's, RNs and recent grads! 
  • ​looking for practical case studies and on the ground experience, not for symptom management only... this event is for those interested in root cause medicine. 
  • ​that want to know WHY and are curious what is working for other practitioners in clinical practice get patient results everyday.
  • ​that are tired of boring conferences that lack in leading edge opportunities and practical implementation back in office.
  • ​that want easy to implement protocols to use right away!

Who this event is NOT for:

  • ​Practitioners that are not open to thinking outside the box to get patients better results! 

3 reasons you need to attend this event

We hand picked our all-star speakers because they've been where you are and can arm you with the tools you need to break through the places you are stuck. Their advice is based on what works, not theory, so you can implement what you learn and start getting results immediately. This event is about taking action!
Watch the sessions from anywhere. No flight costs, hotels or travel time; and most importantly, no time away from your business or family. Can’t make it to every live session? No problem! Sessions will be recorded so you can watch them anytime for one year! Have as a valuable resource for you and your team!
Everyday you will have access to free resources from our expert speakers for you to use. We want you to be able to implement what you learn in your practice right away! We will also be giving away some amazing free gifts you won't want to miss! 

Don't wait! buy your ticket today

Breakthrough medicine conference REGISTRATION
 $197 USD- One Year Access to Talks!


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Meet your host

Dr. Lori Bouchard

Dr. Lori Bouchard is an author, an entrepreneur, and Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Ontario, Canada.
She is the author of Live Longer and Stronger with Breast Cancer, and Cancer Doesn't Own You, endorsed by US Presidential candidate and 7 times NY Times best selling author Marianne Williamson. Both best selling books are step-by-step guides to boost health, and help fight cancer more effectively. She is the owner of Oakville’s most innovative naturopathic healing centre, Inside Health Clinic, which has been helping men and women reverse complicated diseases, such as Lyme, chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s, and infertility, for over a decade.
She not only has a special focus in complex disease, she is passionate about sharing what she has learned along the way with colleagues and is excited about bringing the behind the scenes work to the forefront!


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